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Steven Emerson's Anti-Muslim Racism Exposed

The self described "terrorist hunter" and anti-Muslim Racist Steven Emerson's bigoted record is exposed by Mr. Rehab. It's shocking that some people still listen to Emerson. Of course the only thing you'll find on his "Investigative Project" website is an option to buy his book. Of course none of Emerson's work has EVER led to the conviction of any real terrorists.

Very telling.

Steven Emerson's Disturbing Track Record
by Ahmed Rehab
Media Monitors (USA) Saturday, March 31, 2007

"It is an unfortunate consequence of post 9/11 life in America, where fear-mongering is a reality, that notorious career Islamophobes, such as this individual, are subjected to little scrutiny and virtually no credibility tests - even as mainstream Muslim leaders with established track records are readily second-guessed."

In his latest anti-CAIR attack, Steven Emerson once again unleashes one of his trademark tirades designed to stifle free and open debate (The New Republic Online, 03/28/2008). This time, his wrath is focused against The New York Times. Its crime? Offering two sides of the story in its recent coverage of the “mounting criticism” against the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights organization, CAIR.

Emerson conveniently fails to disclose to his readers that the relentless source of this “mounting criticism” is non-other than Emerson himself and his merry band of collaborators. But like all professional propagandists, Emerson aspires to be detective, prosecutor, judge, and jury.
It should come as no surprise that Emerson bears a severe aversion to common standards of professional journalism like those displayed by Neil MacFarquhar of The New York Times. After all, Emerson is not a professional journalist but an agenda-driven demagogue on a mission.

Masquerading as an Islam/terrorism expert, his apparent lifelong goal is to banish Muslim Americans from American civil life. He recently went after the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC); now it is CAIR. Going many years back, his track record is fraught with well-documented anti-Muslim bias.

Unlike neutral journalists, he is not remotely concerned with facts; rather, he prefers proselytizing his narrow agenda wherever and whenever it is feasible to do so. His modus operandi is not to inform, but to brainwash.

Free speech and open debate provide the most serious obstacles to professional propagandists. It is then no wonder then that Emerson balks at the notion that there are two sides to a story; the only noteworthy side, in his view, is his own.
For the Emersons of this world, suspicion raised against Muslims and their organizations is synonymous with a guilty conviction; demonstrating actual wrongdoing is unnecessary overhead. “More than one [government official in Washington] described the standards used by critics to link CAIR to terrorism as akin to McCarthyism, essentially guilt by association,” reports MacFarquhar in the said New York Times piece to the obvious chagrin of Emerson who, dismayed with the message, turns his wrath on the messenger.

“Of all the groups, there is probably more suspicion about CAIR, but when you ask people for cold hard facts, you get blank stares,” said Michael Rolince, a retired F.B.I. counterterrorism official. (The New York Times, March 14, 2007)

In Emerson’s prejudiced world view, anti-Muslim smear campaigns should not be up for scrutiny, they should simply be furthered along by mainstream newspapers like the compliant propaganda outlets he wishes them to be. (I presume Emerson highly approves of The Washington Times)

It is an unfortunate consequence of post 9/11 life in America, where fear-mongering is a reality, that notorious career Islamophobes, such as this individual, are subjected to little scrutiny and virtually no credibility tests - even as mainstream Muslim leaders with established track records are readily second-guessed.

The irony is that while many of the Muslim organizations that evoke the wrath of henchmen like Emerson offer total transparency, the henchmen themselves flourish in relative obscurity, refusing to publicize their sources of funding and the nature of their operations.
Emerson may counter in typical fashion that CAIR is deflecting accusations by raising concerns about their sources. Not true: CAIR has directly addressed the preposterous accusations in an extensive response document available online at;

Emerson will have to try harder to duck the credibility question which is quite a relevant question for concerned Americans to be asking:
Can Steven Emerson and his ilk be trusted as credible sources of information on Islam and Muslims? Who is Steven Emerson?

A self-anointed “terrorism expert” whose rhetoric is characterized by charged terminology and a dislike for open debate, Emerson harbors a longstanding track record of anti-Muslim and anti-Arab bigotry.

In March of 1995, Emerson told The Jewish Monthly, "nearly all (emphasis added) of the Islamic organizations in the United States that define themselves as religiously or culturally Muslim in character have, today, been totally captured or dominated by radical fundamentalist elements..."

Ironically, it took Emerson no more than a few days to demonstrate to the world why his credibility and integrity as an “observer of trends” should never be taken for granted – especially when they relate to Muslims.

In April of 1995, Emerson confidently asserted on a live broadcast of CBS News that the Oklahoma City bombing – then breaking news – showed "a Middle Eastern trait" because it was carried out "with the intent to inflict as many casualties as possible."
"Oklahoma City, I can tell you, is probably considered one of the largest centers of Islamic radical activity outside the Middle East," Emerson explained with an enthusiasm bordering on elation.

While Emerson preoccupied himself with indulging his knack for conjecture, real detectives worked calmly and professionally to reveal that, contrary to Emerson’s “expert perceptions”, Timothy McVeigh and company were behind the bombings. Emerson’s incompetence was duly exposed; CBS decided not to renew his contract and blacklisted him for five years.
Then again, Emerson’s aversion to facts and affinity for bias are not breaking news.
A New York Times review of Emerson's 1991 book Terrorist said the book was "marred by factual errors . . . and by a pervasive anti-Arab and anti-Palestinian bias."

His 1994 controversial film Jihad in America caused veteran reporter Robert Friedman to accuse Emerson of “creating mass hysteria against American Arabs” (The Nation, 5/15/95).
John F. Sugg, then of the Tampa Bay Weekly Planet, revealed in a 1999 article that Emerson's priority is "not so much news as it is an unrelenting attack against Arabs and Muslims."
"He's made his life's work discrediting Arab American and Muslim groups,” James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute, told The Washington Post in 2001.
Smear campaigns are not unusual for Steven Emerson; they seem to be his way of expressing disgruntlement with an opposing view.

“He has been run out of many respectable newsrooms. His response was the smear job. When The Washington Post shunned him, he branded the paper ‘pro-Hamas.’ When the Miami Herald strafed Emerson's shoddy claims, he wrote the city's Jewish leaders claiming the paper's reporter ‘was nothing short of racist,’ Sugg wrote (Alternet, 06/12/2003).

So what explains Emerson’s anti-Muslim and anti-Arab spin?

The Wall Street Journal provided us with one answer 16 years ago: "Mr. Emerson's prime role is to whitewash Israeli governments and revile their critics," wrote Alexander Cockburn.
For whom does Emerson work? Does he represent the interests of Americans, or the interests of a foreign state at the expense of our nation’s own community relations?

Emerson, who has close ties to the Israeli Mossad according to The Jerusalem Post (9/17/1994), has yet to disclose key facts regarding his activities, including his source of funding. While he criticizes Muslim-American organizations that disclose their operating and financial details, Emerson shrouds his own in guarded secrecy.

Vince Cannistraro, a former Chief of Operations and Analysis at the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center said of Emerson's closest associates Steve Pomerantz, Oliver Revell and Yigal Carmon: "They're Israeli-funded. How do I know that? Because they tried to recruit me."

Of Emerson himself, Cannistraro says, "word has got around on what he (Emerson) is, that he's a paid polemicist, not a journalist" (Weekly Planet, May 1998); he characterizes him as "dishonest" and "Joseph McCarthy-like" (The Forward, 1/26/96).
Journalist Jane Hunter calls Emerson’s brand of journalism “nimble in its treatment of facts, often credulous of intelligence sources, and almost invariably supportive of the Israeli government" (EXTRA! , October/November 1992).

It seems that in his latest attempt at fueling anti-Muslim hysteria, Emerson is banking on America’s short term memory. I am sorry to disappoint him.


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GOP Congress Woman Ginny Brown-Waite Defends Hatred and Bigotry

We have often heard anti-Muslim and racist comments from bigoted folks. But this week the hate flowed from the chambers of a U.S. House Representative. The Congress woman in question is Ginny Brown-Waite, who earlier this week was the only elected official to stand by a prominent Hernando County (Florida) couple who called Islam "hateful and frightening." Below is a an entry from

Mary Ann Hogan, the wife of Florida Commissioner Tom Hogan, was kicked off
of governor-elect Charlie Crist's election team for making the bigoted
Not only has U.S. Representative Ginny Brown-Waite publicly defended the bigoted remarks, but she sent a scathing three-page letter to Tampa's CAIR's office, criticizing its director, Ahmed Bedier, when his office asked her to denounce Ms. Hogan's comments.

In her letter, Brown-Waite points out that Ms. Hogan's anti-Muslim views
are shared by many of her constituents. And, when Fox TV confronted Brown-Waite earlier this week, she angrily added her own two-cents: "Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but every terrorist is a Muslim except for Timothy McVeigh."
TV's video coverage of this is amusing
as Brown-Waite falters a bit on
camera, but it's telling that an elected politician makes anti-Muslim
statements and insists that she is simply supporting the views of her
constituents. She doesn't see it as supporting bigotry at all.

Now watch Ginny Brown-Waite make a fool of herlself on FOX TV while trying to defend bigotry and refused to denounce the KKK. Almost dismissing their atrocities.

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Anti-Muslim Hateful Bloggers Exposed: Kaufman and Spencer Crying

Anti-Muslim bashers like Joe Kaufman (, Robert Spencer ( and others are exposed by a mainstream newspapers for what they really are, hate machines that fabricate hate 24/7. At least in Kaufman's case his fabrication machine is pumping lies at 4:00am according to the article.

For the full story scroll below-

Apparently when it comes to mainstream media Kaufman and Spencer are clueless and just say whatever comes to mind. In the article Joe Kaufman admits that he's an "animal." Spencer admits that his website is visited by racist all the time, that he has to ban them. He's yet to ban the number one racist on his site - HIMSELF.

Really, the best part of the article is it exposes the hatred these guys have for anyone who they disagree with. But extremism is nothing new to the likes of Kaufman, in 2003 the Council on American Islamic Relations exposed his ties and sympathy for pro zionist violent terrorists and terror groups. Since then, Joe Kaufman has been discredited by mainstream media, they won't touch him.

So how are the haters taking all the attention? They're all crying, lol. Super hero Robert Spencer (who wants to make us safer by his super blog) wrote a lengthy defensive blog (A notch above child molester) trying to justify his comments and claiming the reporter lied about his quotes. At the same time they attack the reporter and call her all types of names.

South Florida Radical Joe Kaufman chose to send a letter to the St. Petersburg Times to send a letter to the editor, claiming to be a "counter-terrorism expert" (I guess it takes one to know one) and he wants the reporter to say sorry. :( Poor Joe, he's sad. C'mon Joe, you're really not sad now are you? Kaufman would rather have bad publicity than none anyday.

There you have it folks Kaufman and Spencer who are trying to saver the world with their hate blogs, continue to spread their hatred.

The full article from the St. Petersburg Times is below, enjoy, thanks to ;) the contributor who sent me the link:

Are bloggers against hate, or feeding it?
Blogs dedicated to protecting America against terrorism are troubling the Muslim community.

By S.I. ROSENBAUMPublished January 16, 2006

It's 4 a.m. Somewhere near Coral Springs, Joe Kaufman is still at his computer.
Blurry with fatigue, he types:
It has been said that 80 percent of all the mosques ... inside the United States are ... tied to a radical form of Islam. ...
One of the American locations that ... influence has been prevalent is the Tampa-St. Pete area of Southwest Florida.
Kaufman is 35, clean-shaven, a lawyer's assistant. He goes inline skating and writes love songs on guitar. But his passion is his Web site,, where he monitors the activities of Florida's Muslim community, looking for terrorist links.
Kaufman's site is only one of a constellation of blogs with names like,, and that are dedicated to the surveillance of American Muslims. The blogs link to one another, with more-traveled sites amplifying stories from more obscure ones, like Kaufman's.
He claims he has not found a single mosque in Florida that is not linked to terrorists.
A lot of people are listening.
Last month, after Kaufman called a Tampa Muslim religious retreat a "jihad camp for children" and wrote that the speakers were "linked to al-Qaida," death threats poured in to the Presbyterian camp hosting the event.
Muslims say the blogs breed hate.
"He's spreading lies, slandering individuals," said Ahmed Bedier, spokesman for the Tampa Bay chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. "These are vigilantes."
Kaufman and other bloggers say their work is vital to the country's safety.
"I don't hate Muslims," Kaufman said. "But I'm going to fight to have the public understand that there are enemies of America ... that are living in America as we speak."
* * *
As a boy, Kaufman says he was tormented for being Jewish, which shaped his view of himself.
"These kids turned me into an animal," Kaufman said.
In college, things were better with more friends, especially his roommate, he said. Then he came back to his dorm room one day to see a swastika flag on the wall.
"It was like time stopped for me. And I thought to myself, either I'm going to go through this for the rest of my life, or I'm going to fight it."
Kaufman said he got his roommate kicked out of school for smoking marijuana.
"It made me feel ... that I finally punished the people who were punishing me all of my life."
On Sept. 11, 2001, watching the World Trade Center's twin towers fall, he said it felt again as if time had stopped.
"I decided, like I'd decided in college, to fight against hatred."
* * *
To Kaufman and other bloggers, the events of Sept. 11 were born of Islam's teachings.
"We want to wake up the people of the Western world to the dangers of Islam," said Miami's Sorge Diaz of
The bloggers cite verses in the Koran that encourage believers to kill enemies of the faith. But Muslims say these passages are taken out of context and refer only to historical times.
"It's not an open-ended edict to go out and kill people," said Bedier, the CAIR spokesman. "There are hundreds of thousands of verses that talk about peace."
Bedier of Tampa is familiar with the blogs. His name often appears as a supporter of terrorism on Kaufman's site.
"It's a clearinghouse for defamation and attacks against Muslims," Bedier said.
"I like to go out and reach out to folks and build bridges," he added. "These types of people, they want to be able to wedge a gap between Muslims and the rest of society."
To fight back, Bedier is starting his own blog, He said he wants to set the Internet record straight.
"Nowadays when you meet people, they go home and Google your name," he said. On the search engine, the top hits for Bedier's name are articles by Kaufman.
"I'm not going to let bigots like that define who I am," Bedier said.
* * *
The bloggers say they're safeguarding the country.
Kaufman said he has worked with law enforcement to uncover terrorists, leading to deportations and arrests.
Daniel Sutherland of the Department of Homeland Security said the government is more interested in forging bonds with Muslims.
"There is no clash of civilizations going on here, there is no "us' and "them,"' he said.
William Carter of the FBI said the bureau wants citizens to pass on helpful information. But, he added, "It's not like we have people who are scanning the Internet, looking at bloggers."
Daniel McBride, a spokesman for the Islamic Center of Boca Raton, sees a different picture. His mosque has tangled with Kaufman, especially last May when a member was arrested on terrorism-related charges. (McBride himself is facing criminal insurance fraud charges, but that case is unrelated to his religion.)
Now, McBride said, he and others sometimes hear from FBI agents who are following up on something from a blog - often Kaufman's.
"They check out all that stuff," he said. "They'll tell you, "Joe said this' or "Joe said that.' They say, "We have to follow up on it, because if we don't and something did happen ..."'
* * *
Jennifer Valko opened her e-mail and saw a message of hate.
I will undress you paint your body with pig fat & light you. America is on to you! Watch your back!
It was the Thursday after Christmas. In two days, the Muslim spiritual retreat she had helped plan was scheduled to take place at Cedarkirk, a Presbyterian camp and conference center in eastern Hillsborough County.
That morning, Kaufman had appeared on Fox News to talk about the retreat.
On his Web site, he had posted articles about it. He posted computer-altered images of masked terrorists standing in front of the Lithia campsite.
He said these images were meant to be "tongue in cheek." But some readers took them seriously. Hate mail and death threats poured in to the Tampa Muslim American Society.
The conference center's director also got death threats and closed the center for the weekend, forcing the retreat elsewhere.
Kaufman called the threats "disgusting," saying he gets death threats because of his blog.
"I know what I went through growing up, and it was never my intention to cause any type of hatred against anyone."
But he added, "I can't let it stop me from what I'm doing. ... I'm assisting in the safety and security of the American people."
Other bloggers agree.
Robert Spencer of said his blog sometimes attracts racists. He bans them, he said.
But he won't stop blogging.
"If I give it up and go away and take up the saxophone, then what the heck is going to happen to society and to the rest of the world?" he asked.
* * *
Last month, while Kaufman was researching his story about the Tampa retreat, he found himself reading about a man named Mazen Mokhtar, a scheduled speaker. Then Kaufman began to recall a Mazen he once knew.
One of his closest friends in high school was a Palestinian named Mazen, he said. They had never discussed politics.
"He seemed like a very good person," Kaufman said. "I believe he was a true friend."
They lost contact, he said. Kaufman thought of looking him up. Then he thought better of it.
"I don't really know what he would think about what I do," he said.
--Times researcher Cathy Wos contributed to this report. S.I. Rosenbaum can be reached at 813 661-2442 or

RadicalWatch: Anti-Muslim extremist website and its founder Robert Spencer continue to provide a forum for hate mongers to spew hatred at Muslims. Below is a small example of how they celebrated the death of innocent pilgrims to the annual Hajj. As the world mourned, these Muslim bashers enjoyed it. At the same time Robert Spencer lies to the St. Petersburg Times in an article published on 1/16/2006, and claims that he (Spencer) bans racists from his website saying "Robert Spencer of said his blog sometimes attracts racists. He bans them, he said. But he won't stop blogging."
"I really can't crank out any tears for these people. Like bedbugs and roaches, the sooner the world is rid of them, the better."
"hey l have a great idea, why dont muslims celebrate hajj monthly, that way they can send more to meet their allah!!"
"For some real fun what you do is release hundreds of thousands of Pork Belly Pigs into the crowd of 2.5 million and you'll see a rock and roll dance on a scale that Dick Clark never dared to envision in his wildest dreams."
"Only 345?? Well, that's a start… I'm with Lulu - they should do this more often!"
"The only thing I think is a pity is that the number of those who got trampled didn't match the number of innocents killed by muslims in the last year."
"Strategically dropped buckets of pigs blood from low flying airplanes (on top of the sludge (Hajj) celebration) with dropped messages in Arabic, Urdu, Farsi yada yada informing it IS in fact piggies blood on them would lead to upset MAD MAD MAD - MADDER MUSSULMANS!"Just like Carrie, boy would you have mad Moslems that are likely to trample one another! Inshallah, they would kill themselves and pare humanity their religion."
"I feel a minimum of sympathy for people who cant learn how to get out of each others way."
"Yay, 345 less people that want me dead."
"I'm definitely no expert (and don't want to be) in Islam, but I know enough to know that it is as dangerous and vicious a death-dealing cult now as it was in the 7th century. That is why I exhult in the death of Moslems and that is why I have said (in many fora) that fewer Moslems is better; that they should be forcefully removed from the West and that any destruction visited on them is good for decent people everywhere."

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Joe Kaufman: "A Kahane Legacy Lost"

*** note: the below article was first published online on Jan. 2, 2001 by Joe Kaufman on the discussion forum of the Jewish Defense League" Source Click Here


A Kahane Legacy Lost


Joe Kaufman
Joe Kaufman

I didn’t know anything about Meir Kahane. I had once seen his name mentioned in a book, in the section entitled, “Jews That We Wished Were Not Jews.” But aside from that, nothing. All that I knew was that, at my college, semester after semester, the Black Student Union brought another prominent antisemitic black Muslim onto the campus to speak, and we (theJewish Student Union) were bringing an “extremist Jew” named Meir Kahane to counteract this. I didn’t know what to expect, but due to the level of racial tension that these cretins caused, and because of the number ofantisemitic actions that took place around campus, after each one of these guys spoke, I can honestly say that I was looking forward to it.I never did get that chance to see him, though. He was murdered seventeen days before the event was going to occur (ironic, how his son has died shortly before I was to have seen him, as well). I recall seeing one of my fellow JSU members crying, after hearing about this. I couldn’t believe that a person that I knew so little about (I was pretty worldly for a college kid) could elicit such feelings in someone… at least someone that wasn’t related or even a friend of the family! But I soon learned otherwise, as I watched the film that was shown in Kahane’s place.It was a film of a speech that he had given previously, and I cannot describe to you properly just how moving it was! I know it affected everyone in the crowd… and let me tell you, this was a crowd that was not used to such subjects! I remember, as if it were yesterday, the words he spoke: “I do not hate Arabs, but I love Jews.” These words stuck in my head. At the time, I questioned why he would say this. After all, it was perfectly understandable, if he were to have hated Arabs. Just like, during the Holocaust, it was perfectly understandable for a Jew to hate Germans.But he said he didn’t hate them, and I took him at his word. And anyway, it taught me a valuable lesson: that you don’t necessarily have to hate your enemy; you just can’t lose sight of the fact that the one that you are fighting (and making deals with) is the enemy.The controversy surrounding Kahane – at least, when it came to his Israel policy – revolved around his strong advocacy for removing (forcibly, if necessary) all Arabs from the Jewish state. This stance gained himpopularity in Israel, which led to him acquiring a seat in the Knesset.This stance also garnered him many enemies, which led to him being removed from his seat in the Knesset. But his followers remained loyal. To this day, one still can read posters tacked and glued around the Holy Land proclaiming, “Kahane was right!”But was he right? Well, first we have to ask ourselves if it is even possible to achieve peace with these people. I mean, can you ever truly make peace with a people whose holy book (god) states that you can never befriend a Jew… and worse? Can the answer(s) be more obvious?!So Israeli officials continue to forge ahead with their “peace” deal. They call it “land for security.” What they truly don’t understand is that the land is their security. Kahane knew this to be the case. And whether you agree with his solution or not, you must agree on this: that Yasser Arafatis a terrorist, and there can be no peace achieved with him, or any of his colleagues for that matter. They are not out for peace; they are out forone thing, and that is blood. While Bill Clinton and Ehud Barak are trying desperately to deal away the Temple Mount and half of Jerusalem, you can hear Kahane screaming down from the Heavens, “Don’t do it!” But as it states in Proverbs, “The lips of the righteous feed many, but the foolish die for want of understanding.”When Meir Kahane was assassinated, a huge void was left. His son,Binyamin, tried to fill it, but now he’s gone too… leaving six orphans in his wake and another lifeless body for his mother to grieve over. If the Kahanes’ memory serves us any purpose, it’s to show that trust (and peace) is ultimately between only ourselves. Who will be for us, if not us? It only takes one enemy from within to ruin it for all.

Joe Kaufman is the chairman of Citizens Against Hate and the vice-chairman of the Republican Jewish Coalition of South Florida. Please send comments to the Jewish Israeli Magazine, or e-mail Joe at
Posted on Jan 2, 2001, 6:32 PMfrom IP address

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List of Top Hate Groups and/or Websites in America:
Post your own recommendations in the comments....

[Note: the below links are meant to expose these hateful organizations. Radical Watch do not support the views of any of the below organizations or their affiliates]


Ku Klux Klan, Anti-Black

-Christian Identity Ministry
-Christian Identity Movement
-White Identity Church of Jesus Christ-Christian
-The former: Church of Jesus Christ-Christian
-Aryan Nations

-Jewish Defense League (JDL) (Israeli domain) or

-Kahane/ Kahane Chai (Kach) meaning "Kahane Lives" (banned terrorist organization) or , also radical blog:

-Americans Against Hate
-Jihad Watch:
-Western Resistance:
-Daniel Pipes:
-Campus Watch:
-Militant Islam Monitor:

more to come...................

Saturday, April 26, 2003


By Buddy Nevins, Sun-Sentinel

The controversy over whether an Islamic spokesman should have appeared in a Broward County schools video teaching tolerance swept across the nation Thursday.

The fight over the Middle East and who supports terrorists began Tuesday when Jewish activist Joe Kaufman, a fierce supporter of Israel, denounced a tolerance videotape made by the School Board because it featured a director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). He said CAIR backed terrorist groups, an allegation CAIR denies.

CAIR struck back at Kaufman on Thursday, denouncing him for having a Web site with links to extremist anti-Muslim groups. The argument spread with the speed of the Internet. It was picked up by FOX News and other news outlets and has quickly become a cause celbre among supporters of CAIR.

CAIR seems to have won the latest round. Shortly after the group issued its news release denouncing Kaufman's Web site links to Kahane.Org and HinduUnity.Org, he removed them. 'It is beyond hypocritical for a person who uses defamatory smears against CAIR, a mainstream civil rights group that has been consistent in its repeated condemnation of terrorism in all its forms, to promote the views of actual terrorists,' said Altaf Ali, executive director of CAIR's Florida office.

Ali is the person Kaufman said shouldn't have appeared on the school system's video. 'They can attack my Web site,' Kaufman said. 'That has nothing to do with the truth of what I say: They support terrorists.'

CAIR vehemently denies the accusations, which have been reported in newspapers such as the New York Post and Wall Street Journal.'Since we opened our doors in June of 1994, no CAIR spokesman ever defended a militant group,' Ali said. Ali also denied the charge that CAIR called the conviction of Omar Abdel Rahman, the blind sheik who planned to bomb targets in New York City, a 'hate crime.' And he denied a report in the Wall Street Journal that CAIR sponsored a rally in 2000 where Muslims chanted anti-Semitic slogans.'CAIR never used the term 'hate crime' to refer to the conviction of Omar Abdel Rahman and the rally in question was not sponsored by CAIR,' Ali said.

National spotlight

The Washington, D.C., office of CAIR jumped into the Broward controversy. 'We do not support any terrorism in any form,' said Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR's national headquarters.

The groups that had links from Kaufman's Web site did echo, if not the sentiments of anti-Muslim terrorists, at least vehemently anti-Islamic views. Kahane.Org is a site that promotes the views of Rabbi Meir Kahane, who was assassinated in New York City in 1990. He was dedicated to turning Israel into a Jewish theocracy and expelling all Arabs. Kahane.Org is closely allied with and has a link on its Web site to Kach, a group whose members have been involved in repeated terrorist acts against Arabs. President Bill Clinton issued an executive order in 1995 freezing the financial accounts of Kach in the United States because of its terrorist activities.

Kaufman said he was not a supporter of Kach's views. He is, however, clearly no friend of the Arab viewpoint. For instance, Kaufman said he was against any Palestinian state because he said that 80 percent of the Palestinians support suicide bombers. With his news releases and protests against what he sees as anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli hate, Kaufman has come to the attention of Broward residents over the years.

He ran losing races for the state House twice as a Republican and his Web site is left over from his last campaign three years ago. His latest attack on CAIR has drawn much more attention than his earlier demonstrations against the Rev. Al Sharpton and others. American Muslims across the country immediately came to the defense of CAIR, which is the largest Islamic civil rights group in the United States, with 16 regional offices in the country and in Canada.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel received dozens of e-mails denouncing Kaufman and the newspaper's story Wednesday about the controversy. Art Teitelbaum, the Southern area director for the Anti-Defamation League, said the controversy is another example of how emotional the debate over the Middle East can get. 'Middle East emotions get easily played out in this country,' Teitelbaum said. 'The Arabs have their advocates. The Jews have theirs.' The Anti-Defamation League criticized CAIR on Tuesday.

But Teitelbaum on Thursday refused to comment further on Kaufman and the video. The video, made by the school system just before the war on Iraq started, was intended to teach students and teachers tolerance towards Muslims.

Ali's participation was recommended by the National Conference for Community and Justice, which used to be the National Conference of Christians and Jews, according to Joe Donzelli, a School Board spokesman.

Official's defense

Ali said he appeared on the tape because of reports that Muslim students were being picked on in schools and the fears that the intolerance would increase after the war started. Shortly after the tape was made, Kaufman began complaining and even wrote an article attacking the participation of Ali in, a nationwide conservative Web site.

In the middle of this controversy is the Broward School Board, which has asked Superintendent Frank Till for an explanation of why the video was made and why Ali was a participant. Three members of the School Board's Diversity Committee, a citizens group that oversees the school system's anti-bias efforts, also denounced Ali's appearance in the video.'

Some people brought concerns to us and we need to check it out,' said School Board member Stephanie Kraft. 'Both sides of this are very emotional.' Kraft said that the subject of diversity training is so sensitive that the School Board should make sure nobody is offended in the future. 'Maybe we need to reexamine how all these diversity efforts are done,' she said.

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